About us

As you already know 2020 was a challenging year for most of us. The toughest part was not knowing what the future would hold as our life's saving dissipated. As we looked around we saw people finding ways to make the most of the situation to stay positive. Many people picked up hobbies such as cooking and gardening. We too, started out with a simple hobby to send our loved ones something to brighten up their days.

This was how we started. A simple recycled bottle with a succulent plant that we sent to our family and friends. It was a hit and soon everyone wanted one. As we were encouraged by many feedbacks, we started to experiment with some wine bottles that we had laying around (2020 was a rough year remember?). After many bottles and Band-Aids, this was the result.

Of course, people wanted bigger, better, and more beautiful succulents. We started asking friends to save their empty bottles. Sure enough, in no time we collected boxes and boxes of bottles of all kinds. Guess where the stimulus checks went?!?!

As we get better with lots of practice we started to experiment with different designs. It brought us much joy to see our bottle creations delighted so many people during the worst time in recent memory. And that's the story of Bottles Delight!